The Catch

The waters of the Lowcountry are filled with a wide variety of marine life. The coastal waters are home to many different species of fish, reptiles, plants and crustaceans.  

Here are just a few of the marine creatures you might see on your kayak fishing adventure:

Bottleneck Dolphin


There’s nothing more breathtaking than seeing a pod of these creatures jumping out of the water as you gaze on from your kayak!

Red Drum, also known as channel bass, spottail bass or simply reds, they are fun to catch and great to eat!


Sheephead, perhaps one of the ugliest fish you could catch, with razor sharp teeth for eating crabs and barnacles. They are one of my favorite fish to eat.


Shrimp, from the summer to the fall, the Lowcountry waters are full of shrimp, so don’t be surprised if have several jump into your kayak as your pedaling through the water!

Speckled Sea Trout, a common fish caught in the summer and fall.


Black Sea Bass, more like a grouper than a bass, these fish like the warm water found in the grassy areas along the coast.




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